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Agriculture and DCM Shriram Limited are often spoken of in the same breath.

When DCM Shriram Limited took over the management of Bioseed in 2002, the move was seen as yet another initiative by DCM Shriram Limited to create value in the farmlands of India and beyond. Huge investments in people, research labs and seed processing infrastructure followed the takeover.

Today, Bioseed owns a vast pool of germplasm, among the richest in the world. The gene pool has sprouted one of the highest success rates in all of Asia. When expansion plans took root, Bioseed strengthened its operations in Vietnam and The Philippines and extended its coverage to Indonesia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal and China.

The company's pan-Asian spread allows cross-fertilization of ideas. The yield: Unique biotechnology-based solutions for the benefit of countries with similar climatic and soil conditions. The mission: Empowering farmers with high-yielding solutions of the future, from the right hybrids to better cultivation techniques.

Bioseed is one of a handful of biotechnology companies with expertise across the board: Research and development, field and lab testing, data review, production, farm management and farmer interaction.