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Enduring value for farmers

The starting point is to identify the root of each agricultural problem in each climatic zone.

The problem could be a certain type of pest or disease. Or it could be a soil or climatic characteristic.

In each case, the solution would lie in building crop resistance to the destructive agent. While Bioseed has its ear firmly to the ground, it also has the eyes of a hawk. Close farmer interactions in India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nepal have led to a deep understanding of each target market.

Farmers have turned to Bioseed agronomists for advice on seed selection; for seed supplies; and for guidance on the use of fertilizers and pesticides. To farmers, Bioseed is both a seed supplier and a problem solver armed with complete agricultural solutions for better returns.

Bioseed supports its impressive product line through a network of dealers, agronomic professionals, farm management specialists and product development teams.