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The farmer's laboratory

More than 60 PhDs and Masters of Science in agriculture form the backbone of the company’s research cell. Their mandate is to produce hybrid seeds of superior genetics. The focus: Biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.

The scientists work with more than 8000 ‘germplasm’ in technology-driven laboratories. The systems and procedures they follow and enforce are under constant microscopic surveillance by independent bodies. Nine breeding stations and more than 30 testing stations complete the infrastructure.

The Bioseed laboratory has produced path-breaking results in the fields of hybrid seeds, transgenic seeds and GM crops, sowing new trends in farming prosperity. Time and again, Bioseed has shown that biotechnology research has the potential to raise crop immunity against pests, disease and droughts without side effects. Each breakthrough increases agricultural output, impacting not just farmers but societies and countries at large.

In Asia in particular, Bioseed stands at the frontline of this emerging science. The use of molecular markers increases heterosis, accelerates the breeding cycle and even protects intellectual property rights. Genetic modifications create strains with new traits: Insect and fungal resistance and stress tolerance against drought and salinity.

Bioseed is committed to widespread socio-economic gain through biotechnology research.

A strategic partnership with the global biotechnology research specialist, KeyGene, Netherlands, will further strengthen the company’s research capability. Using KeyGene’s ‘Green Gene Revolution’ technology and unique trait platforms for Lead Discovery, Molecular Mutagenesis and Accelerated Breeding, Bioseed has the know-how to identify and deploy naturally occurring genes with novel traits.

Bioseed is the first Indian agriculture research company to receive DSIR recognition for technology development.