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Bioseed SAATHI

Bioseed SAATHI is an initiative to connect the farmers of all over India with the organization. Main objectives are to increase reach and awareness about Bioseed and its products ,create a launch pad for demo hybrids for credible feedback and dissemination, form an advisory group of Farmers for information regarding yield, crop shift, rainfall, etc., educate and train satisfied Bioseed user farmers on various aspects of Agronomy .

Currently we got connect of 7000 farmers all over India. In each territory/region 25 progressive farmers are selected who forms a group of SAATHI in particular region. The activities include pre and post season trainings, field visits and recommend the right agronomy practices in farmer meetings. The demo seeds and useful gifts are distributed to farmers in each season for all regions. The benefits of organization include correct feedback from farmers about our hybrids and long term association with progressive farmers..